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Not All Sleep Bras Are The Same

Whether you need a post surgery bra or just want to protect the youthfulness of your breasts, choosing the right sleep bra matters.

"I had my breasts reconstructed after breast cancer and this sleeping bra is EXACTLY what I needed! I had been looking for something like this for years! Thank you!"

- Tammy G

Not all sleep bras are made the same. Twinberry’s Lovoire Sleep Bra provides support like no other. With patented side vectors, our sleep bra keeps your breasts where they should be…not in your armpits! Over time, your breast tissue stretches, leading to sagging, aging breasts. Plastic surgeon Dr. Wendy Wong recognized a common them among her patients... they all had stretched tissue on the sides of their breasts.

She notes, “We spend approximately 8 hours a day that is one third of our lives where our breasts are being smashed, pulled, unsupported and aging ever so quickly.” Dr. Wendy also discovered after her own breast surgery that the selection of comfortable, supportive, and ATTRACTIVE sleep bras was extremely lacking. This led her to the creation of the Lovoire Sleep Bra – the sexiest, most comfortable and only sleep bra with the necessary side support you need while you sleep. To learn more, read Dr. Wendy's article about The Lovoire.

What our sisters are saying...

“I just got my Twinberry bra and I love it!”

– Shannon C.

“The material is so soft and the bra is so comfortable!”

– Yvonne W.

“I love how the Skimpini thong has full coverage in the front!”

– Amanda

“The Lovoire bra is so comfortable! I wore it around the house all day and forgot I even had it on!”

– Eva

“I love the peek-a-boo cleavage. It makes me feel sexy!”

– Tracy

“Cone Flower is my new favorite color! I have several sets.”

– Emily

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