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What our sisters are saying...

“I had my breasts reconstructed after breast cancer and this sleeping bra is EXACTLY what I needed! I had been looking for something like this for years! Thank you!”

– Tammy G.

“I love how the Skimpini thong has full coverage in the front!”

– Amanda

“I just got my Twinberry bra and I love it!”

– Shannon C.

“The Lovoire bra is so comfortable! I wore it around the house all day and forgot I even had it on!”

– Eva

“I love the peek-a-boo cleavage. It makes me feel sexy!”

– Tracy

“The material is so soft and the bra is so comfortable!”

– Yvonne W.

“Cone Flower is my new favorite color! I have several sets.”

– Emily

It's not a "bra." It's you BFF (breast friend forever).

Our Goodies

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Who says comfort can't be sexy? The Lovoire Sleep Bra provides ample support for the girls and stylish peek-a-boo coverage. Developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Wendy Wong, the Lovoire Sleep Bra features patented side vectors and wide padded straps to evenly distribute weight plus buttery soft Coolcore® fabric worthy of being close to your skin. Whether you are looking for a post surgery bra or just want to protect the youthfulness of your breasts, the Lovoire Sleep Bra is the perfect choice.
$ 49.50 USD
$ 98.00 USD

Lovoire Sleep Bra

Ample support for the girls with stylish peek-a-boo coverage.

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For the perfect amount of cheekiness, try our Cheekinis. With shorter sides and a higher cut on the legs, the Cheekini pairs perfectly with any outfit for comfort you can't overlook. Offering slightly less coverage on the backside than our Shorties, Cheekinis reveal a bit more of your sassiness!
$ 15.00 USD
$ 25.00 USD


Shorter and higher sides, Cheekinis reveal a bit more.

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Our Shorties have you covered...but not too much because where's the fun in that?! Sitting lower on the hips, this style falls a few inches below the navel, so there's no need worrying about your waistband showing. The Shortie also provides moderate back coverage for a seamless, smooth appearance and features Coolcore® moisture-wicking fabric because no one wants a sweaty kitty!
$ 15.00 USD
$ 27.00 USD


Moderate coverage Shorties provide a seamless, smooth look.

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Skimpinis take sexy to the next level. Made with buttery soft Coolcore® fabric that sits perfectly on your skin, a low-rise and bare cheeks, you can say goodbye to visible panty lines and hello to form fitting outfits and intimate occasions.
$ 15.00 USD
$ 23.00 USD


Skimpinis bare your backside but never skimp on comfort.

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Designed by Dr. Wendy Wong

At Twinberry, we are committed to building the best for your body.

Twinberry customer wearing Lovoire Sleep bra in black bean leaning back demonstrating comfort and coverage
Twinberry customer wearing Skimpini in Macademia holding red tulip from admirer
Twinberry customer wearing Lovoire Sleep bra in cone flower demonstrating peak-a-boo cleavage

Our Founder's Story

We strive to support women's health through innovation, education, body positivity and empowerment.

What else makes us great?

ethically made

1% of profits donated

environmentally friendly

for women by women

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