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At Twinberry, we are committed to building the best for your breast and lady bits. Our products feature Coolcore® fabric that uniquely supports tissue, wicks moisture away, preserves your augmentation investment, and provides comfort while sleeping. Plus, our styles will make you feel as beautiful as you are! Check out the benefits of our Lovoire Sleep Bra.

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Twinberry customer wearing Lovoire Sleep bra and Skimpini underwear comfortably lounging on bed

Designed by Dr. Wendy Wong

Striving to support women's health through innovation, education, body positivity and empowerment.

About our company

Bold, unapologetic, and honest in our advocacy of women’s health, Twinberry is on a mission to be your breast friend and biggest lady bits advocate. Founded by Dr. Wendy Wong (a female plastic surgeon), Twinberry was developed to creatively solve important problems with women's under garments. "Women’s breasts are so important — they symbolize femininity, nourish our infants, and are important in intimacy — yet, we don’t think about their everyday health!" Dr. Wendy has a strong passion for preserving and supporting women’s health and youthfulness. As a plastic surgeon, she has a unique perspective on what women need, what bothers them, and what would help them for years to come.

Twinberry customer wearing Lovoire Sleep bra in black bean leaning back demonstrating comfort and coverage

Deflated Balloons, Flatjacks, Sad Bags, Waist Warmers

Nobody enjoys getting flat tires.

Dr. Wendy first noticed the problem of breast aging when she saw a commonality in her patients seeking breast rejuvenation procedures. All aging breasts were sagged, drooped, and misbehaved by migrating into the armpits! Dr. Wong set out to find a solution for “armpit-boob.” In her research, she found that many women were not sleeping with any protection for their breasts.

When we sleep, our breasts are being pulled, tucked, and stuck in unpleasant positions for 8 hours (that’s 1/3 of our lives!). While women are  still stuck on the ‘90s idea of being braless, this is not what’s best for breast health. The answer is, in fact, not to be braless; we just simply need a better, comfortable, and modern solution.

Dr. Wendy Wong holding up Lovoire Sleep bra in black bean

The Solution:

Dr. Wendy realized that there was a need for a supportive, comfortable bra that preserved the youthfulness of breasts longer. This bra would have to be made of a breathable material, have lateral support that keeps the breasts from moving into the armpits, have reinforced padded straps for comfort, and a mechanism to keep the breasts on the chest. She worked with a world famous design team and voila!, the Lovoire Sleep Bra was created! By wearing the Lovoire Sleep Bra, women can maintain proper sleep hygiene and preserve their beautiful breasts for years to come.

Our values

Treat people the way you want to be treated: with honesty, love, and support.

Women's Health

Our products are designed to support overall well-being and breast health, so every woman can be her best.

Quality Products

Our innovative Coolcore® fabric ensures the comfort and support for your girls and lady bits at all times.


Our community aims to be bold, unapologetic, and honest in our advocacy for breast health, body positivity and empowerment.


Our mission is to provide information and support through a nurturing, friendly and open environment.


Our goal is to waste nothing. We design beautiful bikinis and thongs utilizing leftover material from our bras.

Giving Back

We are passionate about girls and women. We believe in giving them all the resources they need to become strong women.

Our founder

Building on many years of healing and recovery, our founder Dr. Wendy Wong used her experiences to give others strength.

Twinberry founder Dr. Wendy Wong
Dr. Wendy Wong

I love helping women, but as a surgeon I was only able to do so one at a time. With Twinberry, we are able to help tens of thousands of women at once and create more positivity and a larger ripple effect.

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